How to Adopt a King Charles Spaniel

Are you planning to get a King Charles Spaniel? Well, there are some things that you should know before you decide on adopting that soft-hearted and brown-white haired Spaniel. You can also check out the Best Dog Beds here.

#1 Wins and Loses of King Charles Spaniel


  • Spaniel is a soft-hearted cute looking attractive dog. The eyes make it even more adorable and the blend of brown-white color just looks amazing among all the shades.
  • It needs your pamper, but in the meantime, it is a sporty and outdoor dog too.
  • It stays silent and loves peace


  • It can’t live alone as it faces separation anxiety
  • It is not that much socialized, somewhat shyness comes along
  • Spaniel loves chasing after almost any moving thing
  • It needs you to groom it like brushing and combing

#2 Health Problems A Charles Spaniel Faces

After having these wins and losses of Spaniel, you may want to have a look at the health problem it suffers from. You need to be extra careful with Spaniel and also there will be some extra expenses.

  • The breed often suffers from heart diseases and lack of care may lead you to death of your dog.
  • Another one is Epilepsy that is a neurological disorder in which your dog loses the consciousness sometimes.
  • Lameness due to the shape of hips and knees that make you spending money for operations.
  • A disease like hereditary that makes it blind
  • Spaniel also encounter severe skin problems; ear infection is the most common infection in this breed.

Own A Spaniel Only If You Can Provide These:

  • At least one person all the day with your dog
  • Taking it outdoors once in a day
  • Mental exercises or the games like flyball and teach some obedience too
  • Grooming a few times in a month
  • You should own enough money to treat every problem or health insurance for your dog