The Best Tricks That’ll Help You Waste Less Money Online

Have you wondered why the older generation cribs when you shop online?

My mum whines every time the delivery from an online store is made to our house. That even if the thing is extremely useful. I have noticed that if I happen to buy the same thing from a store physically, she has nothing really to crib about. Which is what is so confusing!

Why the difference?

I began by asking it to her and she nonchalantly but sheepishly confessed that she thinks that I will turn out to become an impulsive shopper because online is so easy to shop! I could not beat this explanation because it amused me no end. Here was a generation that thought that online shopping was a boon and that it saved you from hell lot of trouble of getting out and about to the store saving on resources like petrol and also saving you from the stress of heavy traffic after a long day at work. And then there is also this generation that thinks that since things are only a click-far; it can make us shopaholic!!

I tried my best to handle the situation:

I told her that it was not necessary that I would turn out to waste any money by shopping online but didn’t look like she was particularly impressed. She walked out on me instead of saying that everyone says that in the beginning!!

Have the same trouble? Here is a list of three things that I implemented to steer away from shopping albeit unnecessarily.

  1. Unsubscribe from deal emails:

These emails are sure seducers. They can melt the toughest of people and can make them into impulsive shoppers, so steer away from sharing your email to any newsletter than the online retailer wants you to inbox even for free.

  1. Use a debit card instead of a credit one:

You only buy stuff worth the money that is in your bank account. If you had the capacity to make credit payments, believe me, you would want a lot more. But no! You need to draw a limit. Besides, where is the space in your wardrobe eh?

  1. Do not save payment details:

That little checkbox; no, don’t tick that. Entering your payment details and CRV number and then waiting for your one-time password will give you enough time to ponder if you really badly need the stuff or you can wait till the next time.

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