Top 10 Tips to Attract Retail Beauty Buyers

With the onset of online shopping, retail stores hardly see customers frequenting their stores. The footfalls have decreased and no amount of advertisement or offers is able to bring back so many customers as before. In such a changing and competitive market, how do you ensure you have a good number of beauty buyers entering your retail store rather than resorting to shopping at from the comforts of their home?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Offers – Online sellers have the advantage of not having to pay rent on their store. This advantage is passed on to their customers in terms of better prices. Put up offers that are different than those given by online sellers.
  2. Advertise – If you have any special promotional offers or a sale going on in your store, ensure you advertise about it. Put up posters; circulate pamphlets to the customers, etc.
  3. Placing – Place the products in strategic locations. When you shop online, you can easily compare and contrast similar products. In your store, follow the same and place similar products next to each other.
  4. Pricing – Though a retail store cannot do much here, they can increase the benefits they pass on to their customers. When you place bulk orders with your dealers, you are bound to get some discount. Try passing it on to the customers and be more competitive.
  5. Samples – What online stores cannot offer are samples, simply because they cannot spend on delivering something that is not going to be paid for. When it is a retail store where you have customers walking in, be generous and give them samples. This will encourage them to come to the store more often than shop online
  6. Trial – Let customers try out new cosmetic products to see if it suits their skin. While shopping online for cosmetics, this is the biggest disadvantage. One cannot choose a foundation or a lip shade with just descriptions given online. Trying it out on their skin to see if it suits their skin tone is the perfect way to find the right product.