Why More Men Are Buying Makeup than Ever Before

Makeup and cosmetics have been the Women’s domain since ages, but not anymore. The male cosmetics industry is one of the multi-millionaire businesses today and it is still growing with every passing day. And this industry is growing much beyond the shampoos, moisturizers and creams with a lot of new products entering the market. We can see the male models dominating the magazine covers, creating a new trend of not only good looking men but of men who take efforts in looking good. Here is a list of reasons that are making this manly world use more makeup than ever before.

1) Influence on Social Media: There many famous male YouTube bloggers who post makeup routines, this is becoming a new trend. These bloggers are young males, many under the age of 20 years and are earning tens of thousands of pounds through their subscriptions. The brand collaborations and other events add up to all these earnings.

2) Advertising: We can see a lot of advertising of all the male grooming products every now and then with flashy products that give the models new and modern look. Looking good has been in fashion since always and with these new products, the industry is crossing new limits every day. The young generation is seen using these products to enhance their looks and boost their confidence.

3) Self-care: Increasing use of cosmetics and makeup is also becoming part of self-care; there are many reasons behind this. The increasing environmental changes are making it necessary for everyone to take care of their skin and hair. Air pollution, increasing temperatures are causing many problems like dry patchy skin that needs extra care even in men. The increasing pressure about good looks is also one of the major reasons men are turning towards cosmetic and makeup. Men are facing this increasing pressure to look fair, thin with perfect skin as seen on the magazine covers.

The rate at which the male cosmetics industry is growing, it won’t be surprising to see it breaking all the norms with men and makeup.