Wie man den perfekten Neoprenanzug findet

A wetsuit is something that is usually worn by someone engaging in a water sport such as divers, surfers, canoeists, etc. The most commonly used material to make wetsuits is foamed neoprene. A good wetsuit must:

  • Provide good thermal insulation to the body
  • Be resistant to abrasion
  • Be low in density, thus making it buoyant

Not all wetsuits suit everyone nor does a single wetsuit fit all. Hence, you need to invest both your time and money into buying the right fitting wetsuit. It should fit your body perfectly, not too tight nor too loose and it should keep your body just warm, not too warm nor too less warm. Therefore, follow these points when you go wetsuit shopping the next time.

  1. Material Quality – Wetsuits are made of neoprene but not all neoprene are of good quality. There is a wide range of neoprene varying in quality that is sold in the market. Hence, you need to choose a wetsuit of the right material quality.
  2. Thickness – Although the primary material in making a wetsuit is neoprene, there are different types of neoprene that are available in the market. This will also vary in the thickness of the material, which will ultimately vary the thickness of your wetsuit. Hence, you must choose the wetsuit of the right thickness based on the temperatures of the water where you will be using it mostly. The logic to follow here is that you must choose a wetsuit of larger thickness if the water temperatures are colder and vice versa.
  3. Features – Right from plain wetsuits to modified wetsuits, different types are available at different costs. Additional features will help you survive the tides better. For instance, seals present on the leg cuffs and the neck will make it harder for the water to pass in and out of your suit. On the other hand, zippered ankles increase convenience, making it easier to put on and take off your suit while putting on your booties. Therefore, choose the features that you feel will be of use to you.

Always make it a point to buy good quality wetsuits before you engage in any water sport, as safety is always the first priority. You can find some great surf suits at www.surflagune.de and suit accessories to go with such as hoods, boots, gloves, thermals, rash guards, and more. Therefore, get your hands on the best wetsuit before you hit the chilly waters this winter.